PSP Sports provides advertising sales services for over 100 professional sports franchises and events throughout the four major sports, PGA Golf, U.S. Open Tennis, the NASCAR circuit as well as numerous universities across the United States.
PSP Sports provides advertisers with exposure through the following:
NFL ,NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA Golf Events, NASCAR Circuit, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, US Open Tennis
With advertising opportunities in every major U.S. market, we offer one-stop shopping to companies and entities of all sizes. Because of the relationships we have formed with teams, leagues and events, we are able to create attractive national, regional and local print advertising opportunities to fit every budget, desired market and demographic target.
PSP is America’s largest publisher of gameday programs/magazines, yearbooks and special events publications, with national distribution via newsstand, stadium, arena, subscription and other outlets.
PSP offers advertisers exposure at home games of major professional and collegiate sports, throughout their respective seasons. We also provide advertising sales for most postseason events such as: MLB, NHL, and NBA All-Star games, NHL Winter Classic, NBA Finals, MLB League Championship Series, MLB World Series, the NFL Super Bowl and ProBowl, and the NHL Stanley Cup.